Streaker Kicker

Streaker Kicker purchase and/or mast step block

Harken 16mm airblock double inline block

Rope - max 5mm, Sheave - 16mm diameter Breaking Strength 544 kg Max Working Load 113kg

Price £24.12


Streaker Mainsheet Ratchet block

Streaker Mainsheet Ratchet block

Harken 57mm carbo ratchet single block with swivel head

Rope - Max 12mm Sheave - 75mm diameter breaking strength - 1361 kg,  max working load 341 kg   

Price £58.13

Streaker Undercover

Streaker undercover - nylon

Streaker Rain and Sun undercover in nylon

£132.30 to order

Streaker rudder Bag

Streaker Creation Covers rudder bag




Streaker control line cleat

Streaker Control line cleat

Harken Micro Cam-Matic Cam cleat


Admiral 250 Road Base

Admiral Streaker 220/250 Road Base

A road base to fit Streaker launching trolley. Features mast support and 8" wheels. 10" wheel upgrade available at additional £65.00


Streaker Launching Trolley

 Admiral Streaker Launching Trolley

The standard Streaker trolley fits a Admiral 220/250 road base.


Streaker daggerboard bag

Streaker Creation Covers Daggerboard bag



Streaker tack pulley

Streaker tack pulley for elactic (boom)

Harken single micro block

£9.78 In stock

Streaker Main halyard

Streaker Main halyard


£POA In stock

Streaker Mainsheet

Streaker Mainsheet

Streaker Mainsheet, a pre-cut Streaker mainsheet 6m long made from 7mm Polylight.

£ In stock

Streaker halyard bag

Streaker Creation Covers halyard bag

Streaker halyard bag

£20.00 in stock

Streaker combi bag

 Streaker Creation Covers Combi bag

Streaker combi bag holds both rudeer and daggerboard

£65.00 available to order

Streaker forestay adjuster

Streaker slotted plate adjuster on forestay

Allen Vernier adjuster range 64mm

£38.95 In stock

Streaker Control Line Cleat

Streaker control Line cam-matic Cleat

Harken mirco cam-matic cam cleat

£25.08 In Stock

Streaker Control Line Cleat Wedge

Streaker control Line Cleat Wedge

Harken Micro cam wedge kit

£3.78 In stock

Streaker Rudder Retaining Clip

Streaker rudder Retaining Clip

Seasure stainless steel rudder retaining clip.

£3.00 In Stock

Streaker Rudder Blade

Streaker carbon edged Rudder Blade

Streaker carbon edged rudder blade complete with downhaul/uphaul

£256.00 available to order

Streaker Rudder stock and Tiller

Streaker rudder stock and Tiller

Rudder stock and tiller. Used on Streaker boats.

£155.00 in stock

Chain reaction water bottle

Chain Reaction water bottle and aluminium cage


£26.86 In stock

Streaker transom gudgeon

Streaker transom gudgeon

Streaker transom gudgeon by Allen

£3.47 In Stock

Rudder stock  Nut, Bolt and Washer

Rudder stock (Pintle & Gudgeon) Nut, Bolt and Washer

This stock bolt is used to attach the rudder pintle or gudgeon to the rudder stock.

£0.75 In stock

Streaker kicker fairlead

Streaker kicker cleat fairlead

Harken Micro fast release fairlead features low friction angles, stainless steel line guides on the exit side of the clear, angled lead keeps the line away from the cam to eliminate unexpected recleats during manoeuvers.

£13.34 In stock

Streaker Mainstrop Cam Cleat

Streaker aft mainsheet strop Clamcleat

Available as a very strong aluminium cleat, or also available as a  black anodised version

£5.50 In stock

Streaker Daggerboard

Streaker carbon trailing edge Daggerboard

Carbon trailing edged daggerboard.

£350.00 available to order

Streaker airblock

Streaker 16mm airblock single block

Harken 16mm airblock single block fork head

£11.56 In stock

Streaker Toe strap Set

Streaker Toe strap Set

Streaker Toe strap set.

£POA In stock

Streaker kicker block

Streaker Kicker block

Harken 25mm high strength blocks are lightweight, low friction blocks designed to carry wire halyards and control lines.

£29.16 In stock

Streaker Continuous Kicker Shackle

Streaker continuous Kicker Shackle

RWO D shackle made from stainless steel.
Pin diameter 5mm, Width 26mm, Length 26mm,

£4.58 In stock

Streaker boom elastic hook

Streaker boom elastic hook

Streaker RWO S Hook medium length 65mm.


Streaker through deck bush

Streaker through deck bush

  Allen stainless steel lined through deck bush, screw down or push fit manufacturered from acetal resin, stainless steel reinforced.

£3.50 In stock


Streaker gooseneck spigot

Streaker Selden Gooseneck Spigot (pin and toggle)


Streaker shroud plate

Streaker shroud plate

Streaker shroud plate by RWO width 19mm length 152 mm.

£4.40 In stock


Streaker Superspars Rigal Mast – Fully Rigged


£price on application


Streaker Superpars boom


£POA in stock


Streaker Mast Deck Collar


£16.20 in stock

Streaker shroud plate flange

Streaker shroud plate flange


£3.05 in stock

Streaker eye strap with ferrule

Streaker eye strap with ferrule

Allen forged stainless steel eye strap and ferrule
Fixing hole size 5mm – Hole spacing 33mm
Weight 6.4g

£5.30 in stock

Streaker micro fairlead

Streaker micro fairlead black

Harken micro fairlead in black (other colours available to order)

£5.00 In stock

Streaker aft mainsheet block

Streaker aft mainsheet strop system block

Harken 29mm carbo single block 90 degrees fixed head lock

£15.48 In stock

Streaker Control Line Cleat Wire Fairlead

Streaker Control Line Cleat Wire Fairlead

Harken wire fiarlead for use with the Harken micro cam matic cam cleat

£5.58 In stock

Streaker inspection hatch

Grey inspection hatch

RWO grey inspection hatch complete with silicone seal - diameter 100mm

£7.44 In stock

Hawk Standard Mk 3

Hawk Standard Mk 3

The Hawk is the original Hawk Wind Indicator and sets the standard by which all wind indicators are judged. Lightweight with a balanced arm and the Hawk V jewel bearing surface this is the ultimate in Wind indicator technology. The Vane arm is made from super tough Nylon giving good rigidity and UV protection. The support rod is high grade aluminium allowing it to be bent if required or straight.

£21.40 available to order

Allen Pro Flag

Allen Pro Flag

Allen Pro Flag to find out the direction of the wind. Fits normal burgee clip. Various colours.

£7.82 In stock

Falker Racing Burgee

Falker Racing Burgee

The Falker Burgee is widely known to be the best racing flag available. The flag is supported by a wire frame. It is also balanced to make it very accurate.

£12.00 In stock

Allen Burgee Clip

Allen Burgee Clip

Standard burgee clip which fits standard stainless steel shaft burgees. Inc. Allen Pro Flags and Falker Burgee.

£5.36 In stock


Streaker HD Dacron Mainsail

Streaker HD Dacron Mainsail, includes sail bag, fully measured.


 Numbers £2.35 each

Streaker Transom Bung

Streaker Transom Bung

Allen screw in bung and socket.

£2.99 In stock

Streaker gel coat repair kit

Streaker Gel Coat repair kit

Small repair kit ideal for repairing small areas. including resin and catalyst, chapped strand mat, surface tissue, mixing cup, gloves, mixing sticks and brush.

£27.00 In stock

Mylar Repair Tape

Mylar Repair Tape

Remove the white release liner to expose a transparent repair tape for semi-permanent repairs to sail windows and mylar sails. U.V and salt water resistant.

£4.78 In stock