The Boatyard at Beer have just produced the latest Phil Morrison designed National 18 Prototype. The boat is 50 kgs lighter than all existing designs due to the foam sandwich construction and Phil, as usual, has got his trademark chine running through the hull and has incorporated a double bottom which drains into a self bailer well after the centre console, like the RS400. Due to the National 18’s having bad handling when righting and excessive amounts of water in the boat after capsize, Phil has incorporated over 30 kgs of positive buoyancy in the side decks of the new Prototype which has transformed the boats righting capabilities.

Phil Morrison and Kevin were invited to go to Ireland to meet Colin Chapman and other National 18 sailors in late October to sail her and to get first hand experience of the new Prototype.

All the sailing was done in Cork harbour, sailing from the Royal Cork Yacht Club with wind conditions of 25 knots, gusting to 30 knots. The boat handled these conditions with ease due to her being lighter and having all of Phil Morrison’s design experience incorporated into the hull, cockpit and deck layout. Both Phil and Kevin were interviewed about the new National 18 Prototype and this and a more in depth article can be seen shortly on You Tube.

The boat is coming back to the Boatyard at Beer for minor adjustments in December and will be seen in Britain at the ‘Bloody Mary’ Meeting on the 11th January 2014. The National 18 class and members will then decide the future of this new Prototype and the Boatyard at Beer is hoping to produce female moulds from the Prototype and new high quality National 18 dinghies for the future if the all are happy with this new concept.